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When Professors Shop for a Mattress in Winnipeg

by David Keam

So what happens when two intelligent people go into Sleep Country?

 I had a couple of employees at the University of Manitoba in my store today.

They came in saying they had been “kicked out of Sleep Country”. "Why?", I asked. Basically, they wanted to have an “intelligent conversation” with the salesperson, and that made Sleep Country drop these customers and move on.

These people were employees at a university. They teach for a living. When this customer says, they don’t believe in 365-days-per-year sales they mean it.

When the salesperson wanted to talk about discounts for employees of the university and the customer wanted to speak about foam quality, for the salesperson,  it was time to move on.

When the customer did find a bed, they liked the “feel of” and wanted to know how it was made it was time for the salesperson to say, “We don't do that here”, and work with someone who does believe in 365-days-per-year sales.  There are so many more of those types of customers than those who care about foam quality and mattress specs.

These customers could not get their questions answered at Sleep Country. They could not get any information except a blue brochure that says “we are wonderful don’t you know” and they were having none of it...neither was Sleep Country. Why is that?

Sleep Country knows if they start talking about how the bed is made then you, yes you, will be able actually to compare and they are having none of that. 

If you could compare, then they would lose a lot more sales because you would know that Sleep Country’s "this is similar" really means this is different and this is made with lesser quality components this costs less.

  It means that you can buy this for 5% less than that but if you could compare specs, it would cost up to 30% less at Best Sleep Centre.

 So no specs ever, period.  They have collected all of mine, but they are not giving you any of theirs because they know it’s game over if they play my game.

 Why would they try anyway?  

To date, the average customer still takes the “this is similar” answer and many purchases.

Not these people, however, and a growing number of "not these people" are refusing the "no real answer" answer that has worked for Sleep Country since they opened.

Compare the Google reviews, and it’s plain to see who has the better service.

It’s plain who has better products.

It’s plain who has lower prices.

26 years this year. 26 years of doing things the right way, the hard way.

It’s easier to pretend the mattress is on sale every day.  A new salesperson who has been doing this for a month can easily say "it’s on sale" or "the boxsprings don’t match" or "you work for hydro?

We have a hydro discount!"They have a pink t-shirt discount if that’s what you're wearing and it gets them the sale! 

We talk about how it’s made and how that benefits you; no matter how much or how little you have to spend.

You get a better product when we talk about how it’s made.

An electric bed with a 1-year warranty costs $300 more than my base unit with a 20-year warranty.* 

I won’t sell products of that poor of quality.  

A wall-hugging electric adjustable lifestyle bed is $500 or more a unit cheaper at Best Sleep Centre than a compatible quality unit at Sleep Country.** 

Even a $300 queen mattress can be made better or worse, and a $5,000 king mattress can be a $2,000 king mattress if you know how to compare.***

So what am I saying?  

For as long as Sleep County has been in Winnipeg I’ve been saying that you're paying so much more for their discounted, no-specs product than my full-price, the lowest price in Canada, with-specs product, that if you want to have explained to you, myself or my staff would be glad to do that.

It will make us some money and save you some money and get you a better night's sleep.

That’s why you should buy a mattress anywhere else.  Best Sleep Centre - anywhere else.

In fact, we have a very interesting opportunity for you, please go to Sleep Country to shop for a mattress first. Bring us a Sleep Country brochure, click the following links to see what it looks like,(front and back)

We will "pay" you a "bounty" in the form of a $50 Best Sleep Centre gift card to use at any one of our stores!

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