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Restonic Mattress Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic
Restonic Mattress Queen / Mattress Only / SS-34 Adjustable Base Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic
Restonic Mattress Queen / Mattress Only / GS-72 Adjustable Base Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic
Restonic Mattress Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic

Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic

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  • Best Sleep Elite Luna by Restonic

    After 35 years in the mattress industry and 15 years of being asked to floor and sell the most expensive mattresses in Canada like "Hypnos", I simply went out and made beds in the same quality range with the same ingredient components and took the silliness charge whatever they will pay mentality out of it and brought you Best Sleep Elite.

    If you are considering spending 4500.00-9000.00 on a King size mattress set; can I consider you a smart consumer who works very hard for their money?

    If that describes you; please take some time, look at the videos of the competitors $8500, $15000, $25000 or even $40000 mattresses and ask yourself is there really more in them then in this line of 6 Elite mattresses From Best Sleep.

    40oz of Merino Wool. Two inches of tree sap latex rubber, Natural, Natural, Natural.

    Phase change Gold Ultimate climate control cover.

    Genuine Horse Tail, with Latex added. "from the barber"

    12.75 gauge Sampson coil and three layers of Nano coils totaling 6340 in a king size mattress.

    Hand made with Tufts all the way through to keep everything in place which keeps the feel of the mattress the same for many years. The delivery drivers we use here are piano movers, these mattresses are so heavy.

    If you are a person who owns Amish furniture or a person who desires the very best in cars and life; but you’re still a true Winnipegger who is not willing to pay silly to stupid; come see the Home Grown, "Best Sleep Elite" line of Mattresses.

    The Luna by Best Sleep Elite or one of its more or less expensive line mates, will give you all that’s available, no matter your weight or pressure point relief needs.

    If it is not to your liking; there are many other more expensive mattresses with the same or less in them hoping you need to spend Mercedes Benz money on your top end mattress.

    Come see the Luna from Best Sleep Elite.

    The difference in cost will make a hefty deposit on your next Mercedes Benz.

    Call a sleep expert at 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 with any questions or come to 953 St. James Street and try this mattress and other models too!

    • Phase-Change Ultimate Climate Control
    • 40oz Merino Wool + 1.5" Soft Foam in Quilt
    • 2" Genuine Talalay Latex Rubber
    • 3 Layers of Nano Pocket Coils (1386 Queen each)
    • 1.5" High Resiliency Serene Foam
    • "Sampson" Pocket Coil System (720 Queen)
    • Total Coil Count - 4878 Queen / 6340 King
    • Foam Encasement Edge Support System
    • 120 Day Comfort Guarantee + 10 Year NPR Warranty
  • Luna