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Restonic Mattress Queen / Mattress With SS-43 Adjustable Base Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King
Restonic Mattress Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King

Cancun Plush ET Split Head in Queen or King

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  • Cancun Plush ET Split Head

    The Cancun Plush ET Split Head by Restonic is a very high quality mattress for heavier people or anyone looking for a very firm softer feeling less pressure mattress. 2203 Coils and high density 2 lb per square foot foam. Add to that a luxurious 4-way stretch knit cover, and you will find that the Cancun Plush ET Split Head is the right mattress for you. Durability and comfort are what we are presenting here. Whether you are 300 lbs and want support or 120 lbs and want softness that lasts and reduces pressure; pick one and see you later, much later to replace this well-made mattress. The idea of the split head and together foot allows you to have the ultimate in personal control while still sleeping and playing in the same mattress. NOT connected at the head, connected under the middle and feet for a place to play that does not have a split underneath you or beside you. The split head adjustable bed by Restonic and Best Sleep. Quality and comfort in one package. This price also includes a set of split head queen or split head king sheets and matching mattress protectors. Your package is complete order; set pick up or delivery and your new sleep system is complete.

    Call a sleep expert at 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 with any questions, or come to 953 St. James Street and try this mattress and other models too!

    • Luxurious 4-way Stretch Knit Cover
    • 1" GEL INFUSION Quilt Foam
    • 1 1⁄2" Anti-Bacterial Quilt Flex
    • 1353 Nano Pocket Coils in Euro Top (Queen)
    • 1" COPPER infused 2.0HD synthetic latex
    • 850 Individually Wrapped Coils (Queen)
    • 120 Day Comfort Guarantee Included
    • 10-Year Full Warranty Included
    • Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions
      • Full range head or foot positions, accommodate any lifestyle.
    • Wireless 16 Button Backlit Remote Control w/Flashlight
      • Remote Control Operation of all features at your fingertips.
      • The remote is supplied with an LED Flashlight on the remote.
    • Access to Remote App
      • Download the W. Silver Products' Mobile App for Apple and Android devices and control your adjustable bed.
    • Battery Backup
      • During a power outage, the SS43 battery backup feature lowers the bed to a fiat position with the touch of a button.
    • Fits Most Standard Beds
      • Sized to fit inside of most industry standard bed rails.
    • Gravity Release Safety Feature
      • The gravity release safety feature lowers the mattress by gravity, never powering downwards to minimize pinch points.
    • Zero-G Preset Position
      • One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.
    • One-Touch Flat Button
      • One touch button that returns the bed to a completely flat position.
    • Premium Push Button Adjustable Legs
      • The SS43 comes with upgraded premium Push Button Adjustable Legs 6″ to 10″, to raise and lower the overall height of the bed.
    • Optional Recessed Steel 2-Piece Adjustable Legs
      • Recessed Steel Adjustable Legs of 4″ or 8″ leg height
    • Platform Bed Compatible
      • The SS43 is Platform Bed Compatible.
    • Foldable Base Design
      • The SS43 lifestyle adjustable base is a foldable base design with 6 steel legs for a durable construction.
    • LED Under-Bed Lighting
      • With the touch of a button, the LED light will turn on and illuminate the underside of your base.
    • Variable Speed Massage with Wave & Pulse Mode
      • Head or foot massage to rejuvenate your entire body, with a wave motion to oscillate the massage motors from head to foot, and a Pulse Sensation Feature for a total body massage.
    • USB Charging Outlets
      • Dual USB charging outlets per side to recharge your electronics while you use them or during sleep. Awake with full charge.
    • TV Position & Snore Preset Position
      • Two additional preset positions, with the touch of a button, you can watch TV or Snore position for sleep with your lifestyle base.
    • Personal Programmable Position
      • Two programmable buttons for your favourite positions.
    • Remote Control Flashlight
      • Remote Control supplied with an LED Flashlight on the remote.
      • Single Deck Design – Deck Height = 2.5″
      • With this lifestyle adjustable base, style comes standard with the beautiful single deck design that blends with any bedroom décor.
    • Upholstery Grade Fabric
      • Available in Pepper (or Mocha – Special Order) upholstery grade fabric that cleans easily and will provide years of satisfaction.
    • Optional Headboard Brackets.
      • Optional brackets available to use your existing head and or simply place this lifestyle base inside your existing rail system, the SS43 is designed to fit inside most rail systems.
    • Greater Lift Capacity.
      • Heavy-Duty steel frame for maximum lifting capacity.
      • Weight Capacity for Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Cal King is 8501bs, and King 6501bs are evenly distributed across the base.
    • Extended 1-3-20 Limited Warranty