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Best Sleep Centre Inc. Pillows Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow
Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow
Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow

Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow

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Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow

When shopping for high quality pillows, look no further than the Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow. The Desire Gel Ice Max is made of high quality SpaceFoamTM and a brand new Smart Tech cold weave. Some of the coldest pillows made. This super-cool Spacefoam™ pillow has it all and is really popular among our larger customers. This extra thick design is great for those with larger shoulders and the double sided design allows you to control the temperature. One side is super cool with a gel pad plus diamond ice-weave fabric that wicks away body heat and the other side is neutral. This Best Sleep Centre classic pillow also referred to as the "Hal Anderson v2.0" will win you every pillow fight you ever have. This pillow is 5.5" thick and has a medium feel.

This is the Hal Anderson II. This pillow is for customers with larger shoulders who fold every pillow they ever buy in two. You won't be folding this one unless your name is The Hulk. Get yourself the first pillow that ever takes up the space between your shoulder and your neck. The Hal Anderson II comes with a 120 night Comfort Guarantee.

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