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Orthopedic V RV Mattress

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  • Orthopedic V

    At Best Sleep we are known for describing products accurately. There simply comes a price point where all you are buying is labour. And let’s face it you cannot sleep on labour. What I mean is it takes $200 of the price to build a $379 mattress and 200.00 of the price to build a $600 mattress. The rest is materials you take home; and that’s what you sleep on. The Ortho-pedic III by Restonic is a step up from the Ortho-pedic II mattress. The Ortho-pedic V is thicker and plusher and depending on your needs a little softer than the Ortho-pedic III. This stepup mattress in our starter line gives you a proper product for your purchase price: Proper price equals value.

    Customers who buy starter mattresses at the Brick or Sleep Country for $300 or $400 or $900 come to see me in a year or two and ask me why the bed is killing their back and destroying their marriage. It’s simple. It’s not meant to be slept on its only meant to be sold. If you understand the value of a proper mattress or if you need a decent mattress for the guest room or cottage or children, the Ortho-pedic V is your best Value in lower priced mattresses in Manitoba.

    Call a sleep expert at 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 with any questions or come to 953 St. James Street and try this mattress and other models too!

    • Breathable fabric promotes cooling
    • 2" Soft Foam in Quilt
    • 1" Firm HD Upholstery Foam
    • Firming pad enhances support and longevity
    • 650 Foam encased Lura-Flex Offset Coils (Queen)
    • 1" Motion reducing foam bottom
    • 120 Day Comfort Guarantee Included
    • 10 Year Pro-rated Warranty Included
  • Ortho-pedic V