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How To Buy A Mattress – Part 2

by David Keam

Remember last week’s lesson:


  • Shop by examining components.
  • Look at the top of the line most expensive mattresses in every store you visit and “learn”.
  • Make the sales person “teach” you why this mattress in their store is the most expensive.
  • Now, let’s follow up.

A very expensive mattress is all Latex, for example, so the less Latex the cheaper and the more Latex the more expensive. Pocket Coils are more expensive than other types of coils and Space Foam in a mattress makes them very expensive. If the most expensive mattresses are full of Latex and Space Foam and or Pocket Coil combinations you need to figure out, in THIS store, what you get for your money.



What do you get when you spend more in THIS STORE. Get them to give you a SPECIFICATION SHEET SPECIFIC TO THE MATTRESS YOU LIKE IN THEIR STORE. Not a generic brochure. A specific sheet outlining exactly how the mattress you like in that store is built. Think of it like a label you EXPECT to see on all the food and clothes you buy.

The KEY thing YOU need to do is be an informed consumer and demand the stores hand out specific brochures on the product you wish to buy from them. They DO NOT want to do this and will fight you on it, giving you excuses like its trade secret or ask who you work for. The answer is you would not put up with this in any other product purchase so why do you allow it here. The point of this is to get the industry to change and that will make it possible to pay less for your next mattress. When the purchase is comparable and no longer blind you will pay less.


You are buying a computer and the salesman tells you what’s in it but refuses to write it all down for you. He says “Its 50% off and don’t shop by what’s in it, that’s too complicated, shop by how it looks and how it feels to you when you look at it.” You would be out of there in a heartbeat never to return.

When I buy a bed the rep doesn’t come to my office and say “the mattresses are 50% off this week. Don’t ask what’s in them, just trust me and buy from me they are 50% off this week”. He brings me a list of what’s in the mattress, for instance: how much Latex, how much Space Foam, how many coils, what type of coils and is it foam encased or not. Then, he gives me a sheet with ALL the info on it and I decide by comparing it to all the other mattresses that I can get for the same price. If the consumer spent 4 hours going through this process while making this “very important health related purchase”, that consumer would save between $500 and $3000.00 dollars depending on what they want to spend.

Why do some consumers feel compelled to do this? Often its cultural to insist to never pay retail or to dicker and squeeze. The problem with this idea is the seller knows the game better than you do and has raised his MSRP to a point where he is ready for your best assault. He has his retail price and if you pay that the sales person can retire for the day. He has his bottom line price, and here the salesman makes very little. The Problem is, even if you get the salesman to give the product for the lowest price possible you are STILL over-paying what you would pay at Best Sleep Centre for the same product if you were comparing how both products were built and just pay us what we are asking.  Remember the ladies who drove 8 hours, dickered them down $500.00 and over-paid $1200.00? That’s a different business model. Would you walk into Walmart or Super Value and ask for a discount on clothes  or bananas?

Best Sleep Centre is the only company at the date of this publication that willingly hands out specific brochures, or as we call them, spec sheets. They are even printable off our website. If you want to get the guaranteed lowest price on a mattress set in Canada and save some time. Come in and buy from us. Now I know that’s easy for me to say but the reason I say it is because we have become Manitoba’s largest independent bedroom product distributor in the last 18 years. We compete against all the largest mattress companies in Canada every day and sales grow every Year. ” We hand out spec sheets every day and people go out and shop and come back and buy from us and say ” we just spent $10.00 more on gas than we need too, to make this purchase. We should have just bought from you in the first place.

However, I will say that nothing makes us happier than a potential customer spending an hour in the store with one of our long-term staff, checking us out for an hour or two in the market place, only to return and complete the purchase of the wanted item.

Whether it’s a a Mattress, a Futon, a Wallbed, a Bedroom Suite, a Platform bed, a Sofa Bed, a Bunk Bed, a Lamp, or an Electric Bed. We guarantee our price is the lowest in Canada, or if the product is the same Spec and their final dicker deal price is the same as ours; our Mattress set is free! You decide. Reward us for trying to change the industry, or check us out and then buy. Either way you win and we win. We even have an A + BBB rating. Which proves we solve every real warranted problem we see. See YOU in one of our stores soon.

If your intrigued with the tricks of the trade and you want to continue to educate yourself. 

How To Buy A Mattress - Part 3

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