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How To Buy A Mattress - Part 3

by David Keam

Continued from “How To Buy A Mattress – Part 2″

I’m finding it easy to use buying a car as a point of reference as it is something that we are all more familiar with. If two cars look the same, they both have four cylinders, they are both blue and they both get 34 miles to the gallon, so what else would you compare?

Would you compare the leather or cloth, Bose or GMC stereo, mags or wheels, full spare or donut? It’s the same in the mattress business. They all can look the same to the untrained eye and the customer always has an untrained eye. There are ways to build a great mattress and there are ways to build a mattress that looks exactly the same and feels exactly the same “in the store”. If you are not careful you will pay more for the one with lower quality components, especially if you want to buy your mattress at 50% off, or think you can out-deal the “Sleeping Beauties” of Canada. Here is what to look for. 

If you have a three-inch piece of foam, and you have a ten dollar knife, and you cut the foam in half width wise, you end up with two pieces of foam one and half inches each. If you have a three-inch piece of foam and a $50,000.00 knife and a computer program you can cut that same three inch piece of foam in half and get 2 pieces of foam that are both three inches thick. Each piece takes up the same volume, however each piece weighs half as much as it did before.


I can use these two new three inch pieces of convoluted foam to build two beds, or I can make the same bed three inches thicker by adding nothing in weight to the mattress. This also makes the mattress feel softer than before the foam was convoluted, but only for a short period of time; bear in mind, warranty does not cover when the feel of the mattress changes. Foam with weight is foam with quality and lasting power. The flat surface foam (non-convoluted) holds its feel, and it holds its shape better than foam that has been convoluted (convoluted foam is 55 percent of the price of a full three-inch piece of non-convoluted foam).


When a bed has convoluted foam in it; it should cost less than a mattress that has none. A mattress that has more than one piece of this material in it is what’s called a “Looker” and if you are not careful you will buy a $400.00 mattress for $1800.00 and get a $500.00 flat screen included free.  When you buy a mattress look at what it’s made of, not how much the price is reduced when you refuse to pay their first ask because their last ask will still be more than it’s worth. Mattresses are sold this way every day.

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