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How To Buy A Mattress - Part 5

by David Keam

Continued from “How To Buy A Mattress – Part 4″

How To Buy A Mattress

Despising the Mattress, Keeping the Name.

So this is how the story goes: A company sells hundreds of thousands of mattresses and basically changes the way mattresses are made and sold. Their stock goes through the roof and they become a top ten producer in ten years as opposed to fifty. Then the top ten catch up and the high flying company loses sales to the other top ten, sales plummet and the stock falls through the floor. This is the story of TempurPedic and their new line of Classic beds

Now imagine you are General Motors and the same thing happens to you.

To combat this you take the Cadillac and you put a three-cylinder engine, plastic seats and install a Walmart stereo and still call it a Cadillac. You cut the price thirty percent to compensate. Problem is the "despising" (reducing the value of the components) is worth much more than the thirty percent discount, but because you are still calling it a Cadillac people are willing to pay the new price  - you hope, you need the new sales.

The difference between the mattress business and the car business is that you would see the three-cylinder engine and the plastic seats. You don't see the change from 5.3 lb. foam to the 2.5 lb. foam. It looks the same and even feels similar, it's just not worth what they are charging for it anymore except that it's still a TempurPedic. Add a free TV to grab attention and that $1499.00 bed (that used to be $2600.00) is what people have been waiting for for years; the price drop on TempurPedics. What people don’t know is that they pay $1600.00 for mattresses of the same specifications from the Brick or a Sears that are available for $379.00 at many stores in North America. This is without the FREE TV. They are actually the same quality or better for $1200.00 less

This is the mattress business. If you do not shop according to the specifications you will over pay.


The only people who can stop this are you, the consumer. The only way to stop it is to MAKE the vendor give you a specific brochure on the specific mattress you are looking at buying in their store. No other product on the market than mattresses is the customer willing to have so little information in the process of making the decision and it's your fault. You want free delivery, you want free TVs and you believe the "mismatch box spring" hype.

The nice thing about something being your fault is that YOU have the POWER to CHANGE the situation. Just start demanding spec sheets the same as you get from my website and you will pay less for your mattress.

The mattress business is like the car business. In the car business, original equipment manufacturers make the most of the parts, not the brand manufacturer. The same is true with mattresses. OEM's make products, bring them to us and we make cakes with them. Do you want to buy the best cake for your money? The only way to do that is to demand to know what the ingredients are. Next time you need a mattress buy a cake and not a deal. You'll sleep better and pay less money.

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