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How To Buy A Mattress - Part 4

by David Keam

Continued from “How To Buy A Mattress – Part 3″

“How much do you weigh?” and other questions you should ask yourself when buying a mattress.

If you have been following my blog post on "How to Buy a Mattress" you might be saying; gee this is getting complicated and I can tell you my competitors hope that you are finding it complicated. The idea here is that you are spending $500.00 to $6000.00 on a product that you will spend one third of your life in for the next seven to ten years. The more serious you take this for one or two days, the more money you save, the more comfortable you will be and the better you will sleep for the next long while.

Getting serious for two hours or two days depending on your shopping style is what I'm asking you to do and I will pay you big money to do it.

The old style of buying a bed just because it's (pretend) 50% or 60% off has got to go. I think I've made that point. So I'll make another instead of harping on the same one; although I just had a young couple in the store whose parents told them to go to Sears because beds were 60% percent off “this weekend only”. They spent less money here for a better bed regular price. Done!

When you get down to it the more you and your partner (if you have one) weigh, the more you need to spend on your mattress, or the more you need to realize and be told the truth about how long this purchase is going to last. I weigh 150 lbs. or so, soaking wet, and my wife I won't say (smarter than that), but I will say less than me. If I spend $800.00 dollars on a mattress set it will last me-alone longer than it would with the combined weight of 450 lbs. from a different couple. “Why?” you ask, “I thought warranty covered that”. Warranty does not cover that as warranty for EVERY manufacturer covers manufacturer defects not wear and tear. We sell heavier and lighter people the same mattresses every day; we are just honest enough to tell them to expect different lifespans from their purchases.

See we want your business for the next 50 years and we are willing to wait three years to get it. If we are honest with you and you buy from us we have you for life. If we are honest with you and you still buy somewhere else; when that purchase falls apart in three years we will get you then. We are willing to wait. So ask yourself “how much do I weigh” and be willing to spend more money to accomplish the needs of your body than a lighter customer, or be willing to replace your purchase more often.

Bare in in all mattresses will get "body impressions". Watch David's informational video on Mattress Body Impressions.

Your health determines cost as well.

The no arthritis, no back problems, sleeps well anywhere person can spend less. If the people with these problems want help to reduce these issues they must invest in their health. A good mattress is not going to solve every problem that you have, but it will sure help and the wrong one for you, even if it's good quality, can make things much worse.

If done right this is a long term purchase and as such, the more thought you put into it the happier you will be.

The retail industry as a whole wants you to think ‘on sale’, ‘nice salesperson’, ‘free delivery’, ‘huge discount’ I'll buy here! We want you to think about how the product is made and compare your needs to the product offered. Think about this the same way you do about a car or computer. If you do, you will sleep better longer, spend less money doing it, probably take less drugs over the years, visit the doctor a little less and generally be a happier person and or couple. Mattresses are the most important piece of furniture in your home and the least expensive per use, no matter how much you spend, unless you buy the wrong one for you, in which case quality won’t help you.

Do some homework, do some thinking and buy the right mattress for you and we will both be very happy to see each other seven, or eight, or ten years from now for a new one for you, or sooner when you bring in family or friends for the same great service.

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