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Reclaim your health with a new mattress

by David Keam

We all are aware that sleep is extremely important to our overall health.

The amount of sleep we require varies over our lifetime and sleep requirements vary from person to person. However, a poor sleeping routine coupled with extended or long-term sleep loss adversely impacts our health.

Sleep deficiency often leads to fatigue and tiredness in the course of one’s day. Chronic headaches, anxiety, depression and a myriad of chronic health problems such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure are some of the many complications arising from consistent lack of sleep if added to other habits. 

A consistent good quality night’s sleep has numerous health benefits such as improving ones mental and physical wellbeing, brain function, emotional well-being and overall improved quality of life.

Your mattress plays a critical role in how well you sleep. A person needs to match the mattress to the shape, size and weight of their body. Other important considerations are sleep position, any special health requirements such as chronic arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, etc.

If you had your mattress for more than 10 years, it’s probably time to get a new one!

Add an adjustable base to your new mattress and go to the next level of health and sleep!

The least expensive and MOST important product in your house is your mattress regardless of price.

The most expensive product in your house is a mattress that does not work for you regardless of price.

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